Your tortured soul went home today / You tried for years but were always saved / By the intervention of well-meaning friends / Who couldn't understand your need for it to end / Didn't understand the aching in your heart, / or all those damn addictions that tore your world apart

I heard it was an over-dose / but I know it was the path you chose / You hated this world and livin' it, / too much pain you couldn't take another minute / The pain you caused the one's you loved / too much push, too much shove / Just couldn't take another minute of the pain.

Didn’t you know that suicide is selfish / and oh…so unkind, / to those who mourn and knew you ... / To those you loved and left behind, / You chose to move on to another life / But God I wish ……someone could've changed your mind

In my heart I know that you didn’t quit, / That you are just starting over / I hope you met Jesus when you knocked on heavens door / I hope you find the happiness you’ve been searching for, / I’ ll say Farewell for now, but this is not the end / I’ll see you in the next life ….My friend…….