CD Reviews: Saints and Scoundrels “Andy Budd, singer, songwriter extraordinaire. Thirteen original, real good, feel good songs that soothe the soul and puts a smile on my face.” - Lyle Thompson, Austin, TX Andy, I am so impressed with your "Saints & Scoundrels" CD! I can't stop playing it! 13 songs that touch every human emotion. More please! Allan Stukel, Fairfax, VA “Andy Budd's musical style is distinctive yet familiar--perhaps because it is intensely personal while reflecting experiences shared in common with his listeners. The myriad of adventures Andy has had and continues to live have brought meaning and a depth of understanding to life that comes through clearly in his lyrics. The strong influence of family and friends, the value of commitment to God and country, the obligation to share one's gifts and the importance of living life to the full are unmistakable. "Saints and Scoundrels" is an impressive debut with all the heart and soul of country music. Every song on the CD stays with you long after the final track is played.” Melissa Bosso, Springfield, MO “…a very refreshing album. It's obviously comes from the heart and many personal experiences. What makes it unique, I think everyone can recall similar times in their lives when they knew their lives were changing courses, losing loved ones, and feeling high as the result of hard work and accomplishment. I still especially like the Cold November Morning song. I've listened to the CD many, many times and every time I hear (or think of) something I missed before. Great music and lyrics.” Bill Long, Woodbridge, VA Love the title, love the music, killer lyrics!!!" - Darryl and Lynndell Sligh, Atascadero, CA I laughed and cried listening to your CD - PLEASE make more. I absolutely love listening to you and can't find the right words to express the feelings I had with each song. You are a wonderful writer!" June Wrenn - Vienna, VA”

— CD Reviews: Saints and Scoundrels

A COLD NOVEMBER MORNING “Andy, I love this song. The love you had for your Dad has always been evident, but your song certainly is a tribute that I am sure, has in fact, made him very proud of you. My dad died 30 years ago this year, and I wish that I could put the feelings that I still have for him into a song as beautiful as this. I only know that like you, I miss him every day too”. – Frank Ramey - Warrrenton, VA “Andy, Soul wrenching. Gave me goose bumps.” Beth Ledgerton – Warrenton, VA “no one could sing this song like you do, Andy.....the melody is haunting and the lyrics paint a picture....the arrangement is so elegant ...once heard, this song is not easily forgotten.” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA “Lovely song, I've listened to it 10 times and still brings tears to my eyes.” - Josh Caldwell – Accokeek, MD “great heartfelt lyrics – very personal” – Suzanne –”

— Fan Comments: A Cold November Morning

The Day I Said Goodbye “I LOVE the harmony tracks! Such dimension! I think many people who love music--whether to play themselves, listen to or watch others--will be able to identify with your passion. I listen to your songs and an enormous wave of ...of...something really cool washes over my heart. YOU come through your music loud and clear.” Melissa Bosso – Springfield, Mo. The Day I Said Goodbye – “This IS Andy walk the talk.” Bill King, Warrenton, VA “This song really spoke to my heart......the pace, the tune, the lyrics......I wouldn't change a have Country in your veins, boy!” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA The Day I Said Goodbye - “Andy, I have always believed that there is nothing that you can't do. This song should be the words we all live by!!” – Jerry Medlock – Amissville, VA -”

— Fan Comments: The Day I Said Goodbye

What Would I Do Without The Music “Terrific lyrics; great vocals with a harmony track that adds a nice dimension to a sing-along melody. This tune has one of those "hooks" that gets planted in your brain. Damn! I've been wandering around humming this song now for a couple of days and can't shake it.” J.B. – Mesquite, NV “Great song~! Enjoyed it very much.” Chip Kelly – Fairfax, VA “I played the song yesterday afternoon twice and by the 3rd time I was already singing along. We were working late and one of my employees came into the office. She loved the song and wanted to know what CD and artist I had playing.” Beth Ledgerton – Warrenton, VA “It's a catchy tune, I can't stop singing it; love the harmony.” - Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA”

— Fan Comments: What Would I Do Without The Music

Redneck Heaven “....a playful little ditty.....can't seem to get the images out of my mind. I love the lyrics a great beat; I CAN'T STOP TAPPING MY FEET” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA “Hysterical lyrics, speaks to the little bit of redneck in all of us.” Beth Ledgerton – Warrenton, VA Redneck Heaven - every guy's fantasy house" - All teh songs are great but, This is my favorite. Scott Moore, Fairfax, VA”

— fan Comments: Redneck Heaven

Legal Lunacy This song is a hoot! - Someone needs to send this one to Bill O'Reilly and Imus In The Morning" - a fan “Your lyrics are priceless!.......snappy tune, too.....I would love to hear some harmony on this one, like thousands singing it at a Sean Hannity Freedom rally!” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA “Colorful with a lot of humor” – “Stick-it-to-'em lyrics right off the front pages of our daily newspapers. He's got a little talkin' Dylan and Pete Seger in him, but with a whole different political slant on our legal system and what's really wrong with it. Go Andy!” JLB – Mesquite, NV”

— Fan Comments: Legal Lunacy

Saints And Scoundrels “great beer-drinkin' song.....lyrics speak to anyone who has ever been lucky enough to have had a mentor in their life and makes those who haven't, wish they had! ......I would love to see it sung in an Irish pub! I raise my glass to you, Andy!” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA “I really like the chorus and what it says - good job there…Good melody that fits the lyric well…Very original title and idea, and you've done a good job of selling it….Definitely has commercial possibilities” -”

— Fan Comments: Saints And Scoundrels

Leavin’ Las Vegas Blues “the lyrics are terrific....the voice was raspy … brought me back immediately to the smoke-filled Blackjack tables at Caesars....after a very long night of play.......I can see Nicholas Cage playing the lead in the video! Loved it!” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA The Gambler's Anthem - great lyrics - love the alter ego in the background - laugh outloud funny”

— fan Comments: Leavin’ Las Vegas Blues

Farewell To A Friend (The Ballad of John Scott Gregory) “wow! what an emotional song. If this isn't a true story about someone you know I would be shocked...everything made total sense to me..the flow of it was very good. This song has a pleasant melody with a little bit of yearning to it...which fits the lyric great. You 've get an “A” in originality. Its not everyday you hear a song on this subject matter.” “quite touching and resonates with the loss of my uncle and a good buddy due to suicide/addiction. You have an amazing ability to express the feelings that are there.” Josh Caldwell – Indian Head, MD - “it tore my heart out........lovely, lovely song.” Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA I started crying at the bridge and couldn't stop. What a powerful, emotional and surprisingly wonderful song about a difficult subject." - June Wrenn - Vienna, VA”

— Fan Comments: Farewell To A Friend

Anytown U. S. A. “Everywhere you go, there you are--your lyrics create in me a holy pause. I won't be looking at my town's monuments to convenience and progress without thinking of this song. Well done!” Melissa Bosso – Springfield, Mo. “I was drawn back to the sixties for a wonderful moment; I so appreciated the social commentary and I could pick up a sign and march to that song! Bravo!!” - Jeanne Sligh – Lawrenceville, GA “You wrote a protest song? I just knew I shouldn't have thrown away all my tie-dye T-shirts and bellbottom trousers in anticipation of a return to the 60's. I loved the lyrics and folk sound. Peace brother!” J.B. – Mesquite, NV “This song was written for all of us who liked the good old days and resist change. Nice job.” Beth Ledgerton – Warrenton, VA”

— Fan Comments: Anytown U. S. A.