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Andy Budd: Songs

Old Freight

(Andy Budd)
January 21, 2011
Andy Budd
41 Inches of snow on the ground in February 2010 inspired this song.
Ol’ Freight Words and Music By Andy Budd Copyright 2011

Hear that old freight whistle
Steel wheels clicking on the tracks
That's the freight train that I'll be jumpin' on
This time I won't be coming back

All this northern exposure
has got me feeling old and gray
I've had enough of having these cold shoulders
I need some sunshine on my face

I'm gonna ride that ol' freight down to Mobile Alabama
Down to that sandy gulf shore
it's calling my name with the promise of sunshine
I don't want to be cold anymore

When that ol' freight starts to rolling
I'm gonna get a running start
I'm gonna throw on my pack grab a hold to a railing
and jump on the next open car

Everybody needs a little sunshine
To chase those cold weather blues away
I'll be chasing the sun from the back of a boxcar
hooked to a southbound train

A guitar and a tip jar that's all I'm taking with me
I'm leaving it all behind
I'm taking that southbound freight to the Gulf of Mexico
And soak up that warm sunshine

What I'm gonna do when I get there
Well now, that ain't exactly clear
Might have to find me a gig in some rundown honky-tonk
Sing my songs for tips and beer

It’s calling my name with the promise of sunshine
I don't want to be cold anymore.